Interview Manner


Interview Manner

Behaviors that You Should Not Do During Interviews

Attitudes and interactions during the interview are subject to evaluation. These precautions are NG manners that people could easily do, so be careful!

Forgetting the first and last greetings
In Japan, polite manners are emphasized, and greetings are considered the basis of business manners. People who can’t greet properly will give people negative impression.

These unconscious actions, such as fidgeting, touching your hair, wiping sweat, etc., give a bad impression on interviewers.

Bad sitting posture
【Men】 Legs should open about shoulder width, knees and toes should be facing forward, hands should be lightly gripped and placed on thighs.
【Women】 The feet are aligned vertically with knees and heels and hands are stacked on the thighs. Please refer to the picture down below.

Do not look at the interviewer
The interviewee would seem not confident if s/he looks away from the interviewer and responds with a gloomy tone. If you have more than one interviewer, look at the person who is speaking.

Speaking speed and volume are unnatural
With the consciousness of speaking slowly, it is appropriate to speak around “300 characters per minute”. Speaking vigorously makes it easier to convey your enthusiasm to the other party and gives a sincere impression.

Long one-sided story
Make sure that you understand the interviewer’s questions and speak from the conclusion.

Mobile phone rings in the middle of the interview
Turn off your phone as soon as you arrive.

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