Employers in Japan

Features of Staffing Japan

Reliable support system

We can smoothly perform various procedures such as visa acquisition, airport pick-up, and resident registration. After employees’ coming to Japan, we will continue to support them as well as their lives.

Enhanced overseas network

Utilizing the network we have developed, we will introduce human resources according to requests from countries in Europe, North America and Asia.


It is possible to introduce and dispatch international human resources throughout Japan.

Staffing Japan of human resources

Global human resources

We have various human resources in the following countries.

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Western countries


  • Mold design / processing / maintenance
  • Machining
  • Precision machine parts
  • Auto parts
  • Automation and labor-saving equipment
  • Air crafts
  • Others


Mainly technology sector, but please feel free to contact us for other sectors.

Job performance example:

  • Mold design and prototype production
  • Product inspection
  • Quality management
  • Create and modify processing drawings
  • Component design and processing
  • Component development and testing, inspection and evaluation
  • Mechanical design
  • Circuit design
  • Adjustment, etc.

High-quality human resources

Since our human resources have graduated from high education institutions (mainly universities) in each country, they can obtain renewable technical visas unlike trainee(intern) visa.

Benefits of hiring international people

Due to recent globalization, it is not unusual for small and medium-sized enterprises to work with international workers. Recruiting international staff is not only to acquire the work force, but also can be a trigger for your company to grow in Japan and overseas. Why not recruit international workers and increase your international competitiveness?

Promotion of globalization and activation in the company

Promotion of globalization and activation in the company

Working with international workers can be a good stimulus for Japanese employees, leading them to globalization and revitalization.

Human resource development of overseas subsidiaries in the future

By directly learning about the Japanese companies’ culture and Japanese manufacturing, international staff can be a bridge between Japan and local affiliates in the future.

Opportunities for business expansion overseas

By recruiting work personnel globally, you will be able to get local information and opportunities to expand your business.

Flows of when using Staffing Japan’s human resources service

When selecting the service for the international staff dispatch:

  1. 1. Contact us

    Please tell us your business needs such as business content, working conditions, and required skills.

  2. 2. Sign dispatch contract

    Conclude the basic contract of dispatch worker (no extra cost).

  3. 3. Candidate selection

    Screen candidates and make proposals.

  4. 4. Conclusion of individual contract

    Conclude an individual worker dispatch contract (at no extra cost).

  5. 5. Japanese and business manner training

    We provide Japanese language education and business manner education which are necessary for business execution.

  6. 6. Entering Japan

    We conduct visa application, airport pickup, housing arrangement, resident registration, and etc.

  7. 7. Start working

    Work start date. We also provide management and support after employment.

Read Staffing Japan’s Margin rates information

When selecting the international human resources recruitment:

  1. 1. Contact us

    Please tell us the talent needs that your company requires.

  2. 2. Conclusion of employment placement contract

    Conclusion of a basic contract for paid employment placement (no extra cost).

  3. 3. Candidate selection

    We screen the candidates from certain amount of people

  4. 4. Japanese and business manner training

    We will provide necessary Japanese language education and manner education until joining the company.

  5. 5. Entering Japan

    We conduct visa application, airport pickup, housing arrangement, resident registration, and etc.

  6. 6. Entering the company

    Start working as a regular employee of your company.

Flow of visa acquisition for international staff

  1. 1. Conclusion of employment contract

    Sign an employment contract with the desired personnel.

  2. 2. Application for Certificate of Eligibility(COE)

    International staff dispatch: We will receive the required documents from your company and the worker, and Staffing Japan will apply.
    International staff recruitment:After your company apply for this service, Staffing Japan will support you as needed.

  3. 3. Work visa application

    The worker applies for the visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her home country.

  4. 4. Entering Japan

    It usually takes 2 to 3 months from the application for status of residence to arrival in Japan.