Hotel and factory jobs available now! Get hired and work part-time or full-time in Japan.

Factory Worker Jobs in Japan

Factory worker jobs available now! Get hired and work part-time or full-time at companies in Japan.

Companies in Japan are seeking factory workers from overseas to help overcome the challenges that a shrinking population has placed on hiring for these positions domestically.   Recent changes in visa requirements have allowed a greater number of people from overseas, notably people from the Philippines and Indonesia, to find work in Japan in hotels and factories.

What you can make and conditions working in Japan would depend on a lot of factors, but hotel and factory jobs sourced through Staffing Japan will offer a minimum of:

  1. Factory worker wages JPY 850/hour+
  2. Daily transportation allowance up to JPY 10,000
  3. No experience required
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Choose from multiple locations throughout Japan
  6. First paycheck within 22 days
  7. Includes social insurance 
  8. Paid holidays after 6 months

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