Craft Beer in Tokyo and Yokohama

Japanese beer is usually thought of as just the ‘big three’: Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo. While these are great when ice cold on a scorching day, they aren’t exactly the most interesting of brews. However, right now there is something of a craft beer revolution going on. While it is impossible to highlight all here, below […]

Craft Beer in Tokyo and Yokohama

The Best Burgers in Tokyo

This list is not intended to be exhaustive; the sheer size and amount of places opening, closing and existing in Greater Tokyo demands an army of greasy, cheesy, burger-loving writers to file addendums on a weekly basis to keep the list accurate. Since I am only one of this type, alone in the Metropolis for […]

The Best Burgers in Tokyo

Best Places for Cheesecake in Kobe

Kobe is most famous for its beef, but it’s also famous for its desserts. The top dessert of all is cheesecake. Kobe cheesecake is unlike anything you’ve tried before; plus, every restaurant, café, and bakery has its own recipe. A few places stand out as being the very best. Kannonya Although it is called […]

Best Places for Cheesecake in Kobe

Minpaku: Subletting in Japan

Minpaku is a private accommodation or lodging available for rent – not a hotel, Airbnb, etc.   Staying in a minpaku is often cheaper when compared to hotels, and offer more options for guests. Also, the owner of the apartments/houses can earn some money from them. In regards to this article, the thing we want to communicate […]

Minpaku: Subletting in Japan

Tackling Tokyo on Two Wheels

As sure as you’ll find vending machines, convenience stores, and a small shrine in the average Japanese neighborhood, you’ll find people traveling around on a bicycle.  More everyday transport than pleasure, most Japanese use their bikes to run errands, ferry children to daycare, and get to and from their local train stations in the suburban […]

Tackling Tokyo on Two Wheel

Go Vegan in Tokyo

Choices for dining out in Tokyo are nearly limitless. You can literally eat your way around the world and dine on almost anything humans consider edible (even the most questionable) here in Japan’s capital. One type of cuisine that has seen a recent boom is vegetarian and vegan food. Although many establishments offer meatless options

Go Vegan in Tokyo

Sending a Letter in Japan and Japanese Addresses

Though it rarely comes up with the prevalence of email now-a-days, you sometimes need to mail a letter. This is what you need to know if you want to do it in Japan. Sending a Letter in Japan and Japanese Addresses

Pollen Allergies in Japan

The proportion of people who have problems with allergies in Japan is startlingly high. People who suffer from allergies will suffer severe reactions from the pollen. The most common culprit for producing allergy symptoms in Japan is the Japanese cedar, or Sugi Tree.

Learning Japanese in Tokyo

One of the biggest challenges of integrating with Japanese society is the language barrier. The obvious recourse to this is to get practicing, but working in a predominantly English-speaking environment, that’s easier said than done. As such, Japanese lessons are highly advisable for getting the full value of your time in Japan.There are various.

Finding Ibuprofen or Pain Relievers in Japan

Importing medicines and drugs into Japan should not be taken lightly. Some items are perfectly acceptable. But while items containing codeine are OK in Canada and Australia, if you try to bring or ship any into Japan you will rapidly find yourself in trouble.

The Best iPhone Apps for Living in Japan

If you already have an iPhone or are thinking about one, we collected a list of the most useful programs for people living in Japan. Free apps are labeled, but please follow the links the provided links to check the current prices of the rest.

Bicycling in Japan – Know the Laws

The time has come again for commuters to abandon the stress and discomfort of the public transport system in favor of their trusty bicycle.  Before you saddle up and join them, it is important to know the “rules of the road,” or the laws governing riding a bicycle on the streets of Japan.

Converting your Foreign License to a Japanese Drivers License

Foreign license conversion in Japan can be divided generally into two groups, depending on what country issued the foreign license.

Finding Western Medicines in Japan

Visitors and residents of Japan from overseas often comment that Japanese drugs are ineffective.  Whether because the dosage is wrong, or they have not been prescribed what they were hoping for; the common refrain is a plea for medicines from home.  Many people will import over the counter medicines in their bags, or have them shipped from home.  This may or may not be legal; see this previous post (Finding Ibuprofen in Japan) for a little information on importing medicines into Japan.

H&R Group (Relo Japan) Acquires Orientations, Inc. Group

On July 8th 2016 the H&R Group acquired the Orientations Inc. Group. Founded in 1981 by Beverly Mayhew and headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA. The Orientations Inc. Group is a destination services provider to corporate clients in the Asia Pacific Region, where it has operations in 16 countries.

Convert your foreign drivers license to a Japanese drivers license. Browse free tools and information! H&R Group clients recieve complete support converting their foreign drivers license to a Japanese drivers license (required by law if you are in Japan longer than 12 months and choose to drive).

Relocation services for companies or individuals in Tokyo

Relocation services for companies or individuals in Tokyo or throughout Japan. Relo Japan helps businesses relocate employees to Japan. Our team prides itself on providing the personalized support that makes any assignment to Japan a smooth and memorable experience.

English language bookshops in Tokyo

With the advent of e-readers and smartphones, getting your hands on English language literature in Japan isnt the challenge it once was. However, whether the book you are looking for isnt available online, or you just like the feel and smell of turning pages, sometimes you just have to hold the book in your hands.

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