Work in Japan

Looking for employers in Japan?

We offer a wide range of jobs in Japan that meet your needs, including Japanese companies that are expanding or planning to expand outside of Japan. Now, there are companies in Japan that need you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Staffing Japan will support as much as we could.

Flow from job search to working in Japan

  1. 1. Consultation

    We will ask about your desired conditions and career plan.
    If you live outside of Japan, we could meet through Skype.

  2. 2. Job introduction

    We will provide you with the positions that you want.

  3. 3. Recruitment and job offer

    If both parties agree, a job offer notification and employment contract will be made.

  4. 4. Japanese and business manner training

    We will provide necessary Japanese and manner training before starting work.

  5. 5. Pre-work procedures

    VISA application, procedures for coming to Japan, opening a bank account, etc.
    Prepare various procedures for working in Japan.

  6. 6. Start working

    Start working