Online Job Interview Tips


Online Job Interview Tips

Due to the spread of COVID-19, online interviews are now drawing more and more attention. As a result, we would like to share some tips for online interviews.

Preparation is important for both regular interviews and online interviews is also important.

1. Tips before online interviews

①Is the Internet connection stable?

The connection with Pocket Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi tends to be unstable, and there is a risk that the connection might be cut off during the interview. Therefore, we recommend connecting to the Internet with a wired LAN cable. For wireless, connect in a place where the Internet signal is stable.

②Be careful of the “reflection”!

  • Lighting: Online interviews tend to look dark. Make sure your face is exposed to natural light by turning on the light even in the daytime. Placing a white piece of paper or a handkerchief under your face is also effective to make it look bright.
  • Angle: When the face is taken from below, your posture has to lean forward and it looks terrible, Moreover, it feels like you are looking down on the interviewer, which is definitely not a positive impression. Try to keep your eyesight and your camera straight.
  • Bangs: If your bangs hide your eyes, it darkens your face, so be sure to arrange your hairstyle in advance. Also, be careful not to touch your hair during the interview.
  • Screen: It will not be desirable if the screen shakes too much. Stabilize your equipment.
  • Background: Remove clothes, posters, etc. so that the interviewer will not be able to see extraneous things and use a wall in your room as the background.
  • Attire: Do not wear a suit only for the upper body but wear a full-body suit for the interview.

③Let’s check!

  • Device: Check that the interview device, such as camera, microphone, earphones, etc. can be used properly.
  • Battery: Make sure your device fully charged and charge it during the interview if possible.
  • Practice: Check your appearance on the camera in advance. It is also good to practice the answers aloud.

2.Tips during online interviews

  • The first impression is crucial: The first impression is very important for internet interviews as well as for regular interviews. When the interview starts, let’s say hello energetically.
  • Keep your eyes on the camera: Look at the camera, not the screen.
  • Let’s make your voice a little louder than usual: In the case of an internet interview, it may be difficult to hear the voice due to the connection. Try to speak clearly in a slightly louder voice than usual.
  • Let’s keep smiling until the end: Even after the interview, be careful and smile until the connection is broken.

We have explained tips for online interviews. Please refer to our previous article for more details about interviews.

We wish you a successful online interview.

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