Pros and Cons of Working in Japan


Pros and Cons of Working in Japan

Since Japan is an aging society with a declining birthrate, the labor shortage problem is very severe. One of the methods to deal with the labor shortage problem is to hire foreign labors. As a result, there are already over one million foreign labors working in Japan. Maybe you are also looking for jobs in Japan now. We are going to explain the pros and cons of working in Japan.


  1. Teamwork: Japan cares about teamwork, so you can learn the importance of cooperating with your colleagues.
  2. The opportunities to learn: It is necessary to use Japanese while working in Japan. You are able to improve your Japanese and learn business culture of Japan.
  3. More responsibility: As the minority (foreigners) in the company, it’s possible to take more responsibilities than working in your home country.
  4. Politeness: Japanese society focuses on peace.


  1. High-context culture: Non-verbal communication, such as “perceive” and “read between lines” is often used.
  2. Change slowly: Japanese culture is more risk-averse, so they might tend to remain status quo and avoid changing.
  3. Language barriers: Although the number of foreign workers is increasing, there is still some information that you won’t understand unless you can understand Japanese.
  4. Long working hours: The extra working hours differ from company to company. Some might be zero hour, while some might be unbelievably long.
  5. Not much positive feedback; There are quite some Japanese managers more used to focusing on mistakes instead of the successes you make.
  6. Picky at details: Japanese tend to pursue perfection, so it is possible to cause extra time and effort in order to reach perfection.

So far, we have introduced pros and cons of working in Japan. If you want to work in Japan, you are welcomed to come to us, Staffing Japan!

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