Visitor Correspondence (Business Card Exchange & Seat Arrangement)


Visitor Correspondence (Business Card Exchange & Seat Arrangement)

Today we are going to explain about visitor correspondence in Japan. This is so important that if you don’t do it properly, you might receive complaints from the visitors, or the reputation of the company might be ruined. As a result, it is necessary to make good impressions.

1. Basic rules about business card exchange

  1. Don’t cover the words with your fingers.
  2. Show your business card to the other party.
  3. Say your company name, division, and name to the other party while giving your business card. (Check the illustration down below!)
  4. If the other party is also giving you his/her business card, the position of your hands should be lower than the other party.
  5. During exchange, your right hand should give your business card and your left hand receive their business card.
  6. As soon as you receive business card, you should hold it with your both hands.
    *If you cannot read the name, confirm with the other party while exchanging.

2. Basic rules about arranging seats

「上座(かみざ)」is the “top seat” within a room, meaning the seat of honor. The antonym, meaning “bottom seat,” is「下座(しもざ)」. In a room, the「上座(かみざ)」 is the seat or position that is most comfortable, usually furthest from the door, because this is warmest, and was safest from attack back in the feudal period.

Please check the illustration down below.
Red: Customer
Blue: Host
The less the number is, the higher position the person is.

Basic rules about arranging seats
Basic rules about arranging seats in Taxi

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