Seal Culture in Japan


Seal Culture in Japan

When you are in Japan, you often need to use seals for daily life and work. However, there are various kinds of seals, and many rules to follow. As a result, I would like to explain them here.

There is also a legal support behind the importance of seals in Japan. The Code of Civil Procedure stipulates in Article 228, Paragraph 4 that ” A private document, if it is signed or sealed by the principal or his/her agent, shall be presumed to have been authentically created”. Moreover, “seal forgery of official documents ” and “seal forgery of private documents” are considered crimes under Article 155 of the Penal Code and Article 159 of the Penal Code.

【① Individual】

In our daily life, whenever we go to either bank or ward office to apply for things, it is necessary to bring your seal. The seals could be divided into 「シャチハタ」& 「印鑑」.However, it is difficult for foreigners to understand the differences.


【② Corporation】

There are even more varieties of seals at work. Furthermore, make sure to gain the approvals of your superior authorities before using any of the seals in the company. Otherwise, your behavior might be illegal.


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